Deep Freeze – safe or unsafe?

Deep Freeze by Faronics – has been on the toplist of Computer System owners. It restores the system to an earlier estate that the drive has been last thawed. Deleting files, restores system state, and removes cookies when the system unit restarts or shutted down if on freeze state.

But does Deep Freeze secures you from system infiltration and problems?

Lots of Internet Cafe Owners, dependent on softwares like Deep Freeze and the likes. Loads of them doesn’t want to install Security Softwares such as Anti-Virus programs, Anti-Malwares and Firewalls, because THEY think that Deep Freeze will keep their system units safe from malware infections. Now let’s take a little deep discussion about the nature (In my Opinion) of programs such as Deep Freeze works.

Deep Freeze or programs alike, do you ever wonder how programs such as these restores your system to earlier state?

I’ve been using Deep Freeze for years now (almost 4years I think). I think, I know the pros and cons of the softwares. In the diagram below shows how a program will be able to restore your system to an earlier time.

When the System receive the command from the User (shutdown or restart) if the DF state is freeze it will direct the command to background system restore. Which will restore your system from the last Thawed state, then reboots or shut downs, if the DF state is thawed it will reboots but will not enter System Restore point to restore the system from the earlier time. So, meaning Deep freeze uses the system’s restoring features, and possible effect you will be having a malware infection in no time.

If you are sure on what you are doing you may use or not the programs such as these. Remember that programs like these will prevent your system and Anti-Virus programs to update from time to time which will weakened your security protection against intrusions.

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